Step Up for Caregivers!

During the Month of Awareness, SWF will hold a special “Step Up for Caregivers” Fundraising Opportunity that you, family, friends and co-workers can participate in and practice one of the many benefits of “self-care” - EXERCISE!

  • Date: Saturday, May 5th, 7 AM - 7 PM
  • How: Count the number of steps taken on May 5th and pledge or have donors pledge to donate for each step you take (1 cent,
    5 cents, 25 cents or more!) Use one of the following FREE phone apps (Stepz or Accupede) or any other pedometer (FitBit) you may have to track steps.
  • What: Step Up for Caregivers

Register At:

Set up your registration to participate by going to the link above. You will click on Be a Fundraiser. If you prefer to make a donation only, click on Make a Donation.  Share this with your friends and family! Make it a family project. Get out there, step up, give back and take care of yourself too!