Back to School - What's Your Plan?

The 2018-2019 school year is upon us, and in some places has already begun.  New school clothes or uniforms, new backpack, new school supplies, new teachers - it's all a part of getting prepared for another year.  Having a child with SWS creates even more preparation every year.  It takes planning far ahead of the typical preparations for school.  So, what is your plan?  Where do you start?  What should you plan to have a successful year, both academically and medically?

Being prepared is different for each patient and family. Below is a general "Planning List" that may help you get ready for this school year.  During August and September, Webster the SWF Road Warrior Bear will discuss the importance of some of these topics on social media as well as here on the website. 

Bookmark this page and visit frequently.  If you have ideas that have worked for you, please let us know, we love sharing ideas! Let's make this the best year ever!

Before School Starts

  • Start talking up back to school in the few weeks leading to the first day of class.
  • Begin your school schedule (wake up and bedtime) 2 weeks in advance so they are familiar with the routine.
  • Be prepared the night before - supplies, lunch, clothes, etc.
  • Go over the school schedule (classes, after school programs, etc.) and make sure you and your child have a copy of it readily available to refer back to.
  • Have your Individual Health Plan (IHP) updated and readily available.
  • Meet with the new teacher and go over your IHP and IEP/504 Plan.
  • Meet with the school nurse and update student health records.
  • Make sure you have the proper protective equipment for P.E. and other sports related activities.
  • If riding the school bus, walk through the schedule ahead of time.  Talk to the bus driver as well.

First Day of School

  • Get up a little earlier, have a good breakfast, and take time to talk through any first day anxiety.  Don't rush!
  • Take lots of pictures and have fun!

Once School Begins

  • In the event of laser treatments during the school year, try to schedule a time with the class to discuss SWS, explain the procedure to relieve some anxiety in your child as well as his/her classmates.  Pass out SWS Coloring Book, this is an excellent resource for younger children.
  • Plan an education day for your child's classroom to explain SWS to provide better acceptance and relieve anxiety.
  • Use a visual calendar to help mark special days at school and classwork due dates.  It will help you and your child remember.