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Higher Education Resources

The following links have been provided by, Center for School, College and Career Resources.

Vocational Career Options for People with Disabilities - The following guide highlights the benefits of vocational education, potential careers, and laws that protect both students and employees with disabilities. Employers can also find simple steps for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Graduate School Resources for Students with Disabilities - The following guide provides funding sources, resources for students with visual and hearing impairments, and an expert interview discussing how to excel in graduate school as a student with a disability.

Resource Guide for College Students with Disabilities -  This guide was created to bring awareness to rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities, help them learn how to take advantage of myriad services, and provide expert advice from a postsecondary education administrator who has spent years serving college students with disabilities.

Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities -  These are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important for students with disabilities to have ample funding options available to them. This guide focuses on those options, with the goal of helping students with disabilities find the resources they need to pay for and succeed in college.

How to Plan and Provide for the Future with a Child Who Has Disabilities - a thorough resource link and guide to financially planning for your's and your child's future in this current financial season.