2019 Lisa's Research Fellowship Eligibility and Application Process


The 2019 Lisa's Fellowship Application Process will be updated soon with information
on dates to apply for the 2019 Fellowship.


Award Scope

The Sturge-Weber Foundation's (SWF) international mission is to improve the quality of life for people with Sturge-Weber syndrome through collaborative education, advocacy and research support. SWF invites all qualified scientists at universities, hospitals and research institutions (not for profit or profit) to submit applications for Lisa's Research Fellowship, a fellowship for postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty that supports research relevant to our mission.

The goal of this Fellowship is to support patient-oriented research, basic science research, or translational studies relevant to Sturge-Weber syndrome or related conditions. Possible areas of research include, but are not limited to, epidemiological, or behavioral studies, small clinical exploratory trials, studies of disease mechanism, and the development of new technologies, biomarkers and treatments focusing on the neurological, ophthalmological and dermatological manifestations of SWS.

Lisa's Research Fellowship began in 2016 to honor a patient with Sturge-Weber syndrome. Candidates for Lisa's Research Fellowship must be post-doctoral (Ph.D. or M.D.) fellows or newly appointed junior faculty members (first two years of appointment).

Information Required From the Candidate (in one single PDF file)

  1. Current biosketch in NIH format from both the applicant and his/her mentor.
  2. Four page proposal including the following information (including any figures or tables):
         - Title
         - Specific Aims
         - How this award will advance the missions of the SWF statement above
         - Background and significance
         - Research strategy
         - Brief summary of training plan from applicant's perspective
  3. Letter of support from the mentor detailing his/her support of and commitment to the applicant and the proposed research and training plan. More than one mentor is permitted. (one mentor should be designated as primary and be responsible for administrative matters). The letter may be sent separately or included in the applicant's file. It should describe:
        - How the proposed research fits into the mentor's research program
         - Expertise and experience in the area of research proposed
         - Mentor's prior experience in the supervision, training and mentoring of research scientists
         - Potential for applicant's future research career

Fellowship Specifics

1.  The Fellowship is for a 1 year period. 

2. The Fellowship is a $50,000/year that can be used for salary support and/or research expenses. Up to 10% of the funds may be used for supplies or travel.

3. The candidate agrees to work collaboratively with The Sturge-Weber Foundation Clinical Care Network.

4. The Fellow is required to provide a mid-year and a final progress report.

5.  This Fellowship does not support indirect costs.

Contact Information: Please direct any inquires to Brian Fisher, bfisher@sturge-weber.org.