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SWF Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Doesn't Have To Be Difficult!

Here are some great ideas for fundraising that take minimal time and very few resources with amazing results and lots of fun!

Soda/Water Bottle Fill Up
Fill any two litter bottle with dimes (or 16 oz. water bottles). When full it should equal $500. ($100 for water bottles).  Great for easy spare change fundraiser.

Give It Up and Pay It Forward
Start a fundraiser where those who participate sign up to give up one thing that costs them money for a month. Then save the money for one month and pay it forward to SWF.

Adult Spelling Be
Take it back to elementary school! Each participant should be sponsored and/or raise funds for their entry to be the winner! In-between rounds, share facts about SWF/SWS, etc.

Game Night
Host a game night with a selection of games to be played.  Have players sign up to play their game with other opponents. $10 playing fee - half goes to winners of each game, half goes to SWF. Or, hold a card tournament with a $20 fee - half goes to the winner, half goes to SWF.

Jail and Bail
Kidnap a boss, teacher, principal and ship them off to jail. They can post their own bail or solicit bail from friends, family, and employees.

Jeans Day
Have co-workers donate $5 to wear jeans for the day.  Or have a special Team Spirit Day, College Day, Pajama Day.

Karaoke Night
Have a Karaoke Machine?  Hold a tournament at your house and vote for the best singer in dollars!

Ugly Sweater Contest
Great for the holidays! Have everyone vote on the ugliest sweater in dollars!

Duct Tape Fundraiser
Great for kids and teens.  Charge $1 for a foot long piece of duct tape to tape a principal, teacher, or maybe even a boss to the wall!

SWS Sucks
Sell suckers! Color the bottoms of the sticks with a few different colors. Place the suckers in a styrofoam globe and have people pull out a sucker.  Price the suckers based on the color and that is how much they will donate.

SWS Bingo Night
Have a bingo night and charge a fee per card. Winners get a prize and proceeds got to SWF.

SWS Stake Out
Get stakes from the local hardware store. Print out the SWF logo and glue onto the stake.  Have someone pay to have a person's yard staked out for SWS.  Then charge the person that was staked to have them removed and stake another person.

Restaurant Fundraiser
There are numerous restaurants that offer non-profit organizations the opportunity to fundraise by donating a percentage of their business during a particular date and time to patrons.  Click below for details and a list of restaurants that offer this fundraising opportunity.