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SWF Task Force

The Sturge-Weber Foundation is creating a Task Force Team and we are looking for team members to be a part of this new program.  The Following Task Forces are being formed to utilize and increase patient engagement to volunteers come together with like strengths, knowledge and interests to further The Sturge-Weber Foundation Mission.    Each of the Task Forces have been identified as areas of interest and need in the Sturge-Weber Community. 

Please review the Task Force teams that will be formed below, along with roles and responsibilities, goals, objectives and guidelines.  If you are interested in any of these teams, please download and review the qualifications document for each Task Force team below.  To apply, download the application below and email it to Julia Terrell at

·       Education Network/Transition Task Force – Witney Arch, Chair
·       Growing Golden Task Force – Jeffrey Needham, Chair
·       Growing up Task Force – Michelle Daoust, Chair
·       Surgery Task Force – Candice Roberts, Chair
·       Before Their Time Task Force
·       Mental Health for 0-12 Year Old Task Force – Donnie Hood, Chair
·       Mental Health for Transition Years Task Force – Kimberly Slater, Chair
·       Mental Health for Adults Task Force – Jillian Barnes, Chair
·       Inspire Task Force – Kellie Sadens, Chair
·       Nutrition and Complimentary Medicine Task Force – Stephanie Tikkanen, Chair
·       Grandparents and Caregivers Task Force – Annette Coutu, Chair
·       Advocacy – Davis Argersinger, Chair

·       Task Force will have 3 to 5 members to be approved by The Sturge-Weber Foundation
·       Attend a Monthly Meeting by phone
·       Agenda will be available the Friday prior to the meeting
·       Follow through of action items assigned to you
·       Each Task Force will have a Scribe who will have notes sent out within one week of the meeting
·       Each member will need to be able to sign on for one year or until one project is completed 
·       Each Member will sign a pledge/commitment for their Task Force

·       Each Task Force will have goals defined and will be reviewed in first meeting
·       A plan will be established with time frames defined

·       No Medical Advice can be given
·       All conversations are confidential
·       Any postings or conversations outside the Task Force will need to be approved
·       All members will need to apply for the Task Force of their choice
·       Anyone applying to be a part of a Task Force will need to be a member of The Sturge-Weber Foundation and Registered in the Clinical Registry