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Our Mission

The Sturge-Weber Foundation (The SWF) global mission is to improve the quality of life and care for people with Sturge-Weber syndrome and associated Port-Wine Birthmark conditions through tenacious collaboration with clinical partners and pioneers, education, advocacy, research and friendly support. Learn more and get involved.

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The Sturge-Weber Foundation Reschedules the SWF International Family Conference

The Sturge-Weber Foundation has officially rescheduled The SWF International Family Conference, a 3-day event for Sturge-Weber syndrome and Port Wine Birthmark patients, families, medical professionals and researchers. 

Originally the conference was to be held in July of 2021, in Texas. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and deep concern for the well-being of all attendees, the conference has been rescheduled for July 20-24, 2022.  The location will be announced at a later date.

The Sturge-Weber Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to provide education and assistance to patients and caregivers diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome and other Port Wine Birthmark conditions.  The Foundation also raises funding for critical research and leads the way in domestic and international collaboration among research professionals to expedite improvement in treatments, guidelines for medical centers and ultimately a cure.

For more information, please visit the Foundation at or email questions to