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Do You Price Compare When You Shop?
#2 in the Consumerism Series

I know I should be better at comparison shopping than I am and Kaelin's dad, Kirk, sure wishes I would be more discerning! With the SWF donations,
I am like a fierce lioness with her cubs . . . every penny is utilized and judiciously expended! Seriously I was just reviewing the latest of edition of the SWF's Branching Out news magazine and it never ceases to amaze me what the SWF has to offer and how we deliver the programs, research and support as fiscally responsible and effectively as we do. Trust me I say that VERY humbly because tooting ones own horn was not how I was raised, but in the "business" world it's a necessity.

I encourage you to really delve into the charities you contribute to and ascertain if the value add it worthy of your time and treasure. Reflect upon the delivery of those services and the impact it has on your life and if there is a bigger bang for your buck with that contribution which changes you and the world around you. In the near future, I will be posting a few charts which will be of interest to guide you in making your decisions.

On another note, the second article in our series of Discerning Medical Consumerism is in the draft stage. We have noted Boston dermatologist who will discuss communication from the physician/healthcare provider side of the table and ways to improve communication and understanding. I have a few points regarding social media and a few resources for your review. Please send me your ideas, comments and suggestions . . . you always make it a more robust conversation . . .

Best wishes for a cherished Thanksgiving and if any of you are in Massachusetts and want a change of page for your Thanksgiving Day adventures . . . head on out to the Kenney/O'Leary household for the last Turkey Bowl and root on your favorite team! Thank you to one and all for your presence in my life and for the generosity which makes the SWD such a vibrant family around the world.