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For SWS Patients and Caregivers

Give the Gift of Hope

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Since the early days, when The Sturge-Weber Foundation was operating from Karen's basement, we have been incredibly fortunate to have fantastic supporters who have tirelessly advocated for our mission to fund research, assist families, and spread awareness about this rare condition. With every supporter, another has stepped up to continue the momentum, effectively passing the torch.

Now, it's your turn to Pass The Torch for SWF and light the way for the next generation with your inspiring stories of dedication, perseverance, and overcoming challenges. 

SWF Month of Awareness starts on May 1, 2024, and will continue for more than a month until July 13, 2024, at our Conference in Philadelphia.

REMINDER: Become a Legacy Leader during SWS Month of Awareness (with a donation of $250, $500, or $1,000+).

Legacy Leaders are passionate supporters and warriors who choose to step forward and sow the seeds of hope for future generations. By planting seeds (acorns) for a fruitful tomorrow, you are fostering a strong and resilient community where challenges only make us stronger, like trees standing firm against powerful winds.

Your contribution doesn't need to be all at once. You can spread it out with a recurring monthly gift over the year.

Your partnership makes a difference! Consider making a monthly donation.


  1. Your recurring gift helps impact patients and families with programs and support, making their lives better.
  2. You are helping us drive research to find a cure and stop SWS in its tracks.
  3. Your donation will help launch and support learning programs such as Warrior University, mental health chats, and educational mini-summits.
  4. As a rare disease, we have to work extra hard for government grants. The bulk of our funding comes from individuals like you!

Donate stocks: Email Julia at for forms.

Give by phone:  Call 973-895-4445 to make your credit card gift Monday -Friday between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Give by Mail: Checks should be made payable to The Sturge-Weber Foundation.
Mail your gift to The Sturge-Weber Foundation, 6105 S. Main Street, #200, Aurora, CO 80016.

  • Joyce Biscoff, PhD (Pictured with Anna Pinto, MD, PhD)
    Joyce Biscoff, PhD (Pictured with Anna Pinto, MD, PhD)

    Basic science is painstakingly slow but there can be sudden leaps forward when labs are working together and sharing results, which we all do thanks to The Sturge-Weber Foundation!