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Deep Venous Remodeling in Unilateral Sturge-Weber Syndrome: Robust Hemispheric Differences and Clinical Correlates by Csaba Juhász, Aimee F Luat, Michael E Behen, Nore Gjolaj, Jeong-Won Jeong, Harry T Chugani, Ajay Kumar, Feb. 2023

Early-onset hypertension associated with extensive cutaneous capillary malformations harboring postzygotic variants in GNAQ and GNA11, published by the NIH, August 2022 Read Here.

Defining patient-centered research priorities in pediatric dermatology
Patient and caregiver perspectives are critical in understanding dermatologic disease impact, presentation, and management in children. 

Port-Wine Birthmarks: Update on Diagnosis, Risk Assessment for Sturge-Weber Syndrome, and Management, September 2022 DOWNLOAD HERE

C-Path and Sturge-Weber Foundation Announce Data Sharing Agreement to Support Treatment Development for Sturge-Weber Syndrome Press Release

Endothelial GNAQ p.R183Q Increases ANGPT2 (Angiopoietin-2) and Drives Formation of Enlarged Blood Vessels, AHA Journal, Published 21, October 2021.

Introduction of Mutant GNAQ into Endothelial Cells Induces a Vascular Malformation Phenotype with Therapeutic Response to Imatinib,, Published: 14 January 2022

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