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SWF International Research Network

The mission of the SWFIRN is to provide a forum within the domestic and international medical and research community to foster collaborative research, consensus guidelines, and develop improved treatment models while facilitating clinical studies. 

SWFIRN Steering Committee

Dr. Matthew Shirley, Ph.D
Dr. Doug Marchuk, Ph.D
Dr. Kristen Kelley, MD
Dr. Akira Yoshi, MD
Dr. Steve E. Roach, MD

SWFIRN Attendees at 2016 SWFIRN Inaugural Meeting

Dr. Jack Arbiser, MD, Dermatology
Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, PhD, Resident
Dr. Craig Burkhart, MD, Dermatology
Dr. Sarah Champlin, MD, Neurology
Dr. Harry Chugani, MD, Neurology
Dr. Larry Eichenfeld, MD, Dermatology
Dr. Heather Etchevers, Ph.D, Paris, France
Dr. Llona Frieden, MD, Neurology
Dr. Anne Fulton, MD, Opthalmology
Dr. Roy Geronemus, MD, Dermatology
Dr. Adrienne Hammill, MD, ONC
Dr. Michael Lawton, MD, Neurology
Dr.Jeff Loeb, MD, Ph.D, Neurology
Dr. Doug Marchuk, Ph.D., Genetics
Dr. Dan Miles, MD, Neurology
Dr. Stuart Nelson, MD, Dermatology
Dr. Paula North, MD, Ph.D, Pathology
Dr. Jonathan Pevsner,MD, Ph.D
Dr. Anna Pinto, MD, Ph.D, Neurology
Dr. Raul Rodriquez, MD, Neurology, San Juan, PR
Dr. Mustafa Sahin, MD, Ph.D, Neurology
Dr. Meghan Tollefson, Ph.D, Dermatology
Dr. Angus Wilfong, MD, Neurology