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2024 SWF International Family Conference!

What to Expect

2024 International Family Conference

What to Expect


Much like conferences in the past, you can expect:

  • KidsCamp for your children during the Conference
  • Breakout Sessions you may choose to attend
  • Clinic appointments with CCN specialists (limited appointments available)
  • Respite for Caregivers

Planned activities for the entire family including:

  • Swimming at the hotel pool
  • Pass the Torch (aks Million Miles Walk) event
  • Time to do your own thing like visit the Liberty Bell
  • Sports Hero theme dinner with dancing and photo booth
  • Learn what researchers are up to
  • Meet new friends, hang out with old ones
  • SWF swag bag
  • New seminars and workshops
  • Ice Cream Social at Arden Theatre
  • And more surprises!

Our Speakers and Doctors:

The doctors, clinicians, and researchers who speak at the SWF Int’l Family Conference generously volunteer their time. The Foundation doesn’t pay for their presentations and they cover their own hotel and travel expenses. Furthermore, besides planning seminars, many of them actively participate in organizing family activities. Their dedication and commitment to supporting families is truly amazing! We’re so grateful for their selfless contributions to our community.

We have three Clinical Care Networks (CCN) in the Philadelphia area! When choosing a host city for our Conference, one of the key factors we consider is the proximity of a CCN in case of a medical emergency—and have access to wonder doctors and speakers. Having access to medical care near our Conference is a top priority in our event planning.

The three CCN’s near Philadelphia include Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, Wills Eye Hospital, and Nemours Children’s Health.