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Boston Children's Hospital

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Boston's Children's Hospital

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300 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
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Medical Professionals
Dr. Mustafa Sahin, Neurology 
I have dedicated my career to investigating the basic mechanisms by which nerve cells communicate with one another and caring for patients with neurological conditions in whom these processes have gone awry. READ MORE

Dr. Anna Pinto, Neurology 
My research interests are in Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) and epilepsy during the first two years of life considering all aspects of the heterogeneous conditions. My mission is to improve the understanding of the multitude of etiologies and the possible mechanisms of seizure, diagnostic assessment, treatment, and prognosis. READ MORE

Dr. Masanori Takeoka, Neurology 

Dr. Marilyn Liang, Dermatology 

Dr. Anne Fulton, Ophthalmology
Dr. Fulton serves as an expert for the Department of Ophthalmology for Boston Children's Hospital Precision Medicine Service. READ MORE

Dr. Gena Heidary, Ophthalmology

Dr. Ankoor Shah, Ophthalmology

Dr. Laurie Cohen, Endocrinologist

Dr. Katrina Boyer, Neuropsychologist
My work as a pediatric neuropsychology is focused on understanding how children living with epilepsy develop, taking into account systems that influence brain development, including family, community, and biology. READ MORE 

Dr. Joseph Madsen, Neuro Surgeon
I am a pediatric neurosurgeon with a strong interest in innovative approaches to the dynamic brain maladies of children, especially epilepsy and hydrocephalus. My clinical efforts are closely tied to my research program, the Neurodynamics Laboratory. READ MORE  

Dr. John Mulliken, Cranial Facial 
Dr. Mulliken developed the internationally accepted classification system for vascular anomalies and a one-stage repair of bilateral cleft lip and nasal deformity. Dr. Mulliken is considered one of the world's foremost experts in vascular anomalies and a master in the repair of cleft lips. READ MORE 

Dr. Steven Fishman, Chief, Department of Surgery
Dr. Fishman has a particular focus on developing an understanding and approach to visceral vascular anomalies. Though these anomalies are extremely rare, an international referral practice has facilitated the recognition of patterns in clinical presentation and opportunities for treatment. READ MORE