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Vascular Anomalies Center

Dr. Taizo Nakano, Medical Director, Vascular Clinical Medical Co-Director 
Dr. Nakano's clinical interests include general hematology, specifically inherited and acquired bone marrow failure syndromes, immune thrombocytopenia, inherited and acquired hemolytic anemias, iron metabolism, disorders of bleeding and clotting, vascular birthmarks, malformations, tumors. (Quote from a patient in January 2021) Dr. Nakano made sure we had a plan and is available to our Pediatrician and other specialists. He knew we needed to see Neurology and kept us focused on what to do next. He was willing to see there are rare conditions we may have overlooked... So much made sense finally!
Dr. Nakano Bio

Dr. Anna Bruckner, Dermatology
I treat children with a range of skin problems, from common to extremely rare. My areas of expertise include atopic dermatitis (eczema), epidermolysis bullosa and other genetic skin disorders, and vascular birthmarks.
Dr. Bruckner Bio 

Dr. Susan Koh, Neurology and Epilepsy
Dr. Susan Koh's main clinical interests involve all aspects of childhood epilepsies including the medical, dietary, and surgical treatment of intractable epilepsies and rare conditions such as tuberous sclerosis complex. She also serves as the co-medical director for the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex multidisciplinary clinic at Children's Hospital of Colorado.
Dr. Koh Bio

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, Stroke and Neurovascular Neurology
While in medical school, I discovered that working with brain-injured children was a rewarding privilege. Children’s disabilities not only affected themselves but the entire family unit. The more I worked with these children, the more I felt that if we were able to prevent brain injury before birth, the personal, familial, and societal benefits would be substantial. I have been able to combine my research interests in pregnancy with my passion for caring for disabled children and their families.
Dr. Armstrong Bio

Dr. Emily McCourt, Ophthalmology
(Quote from a patient on January 4, 2021) "She is always reasonable and fantastic. Has made our ordeal so much easier to deal with."
Dr. McCourt Bio

Dr. Michael Puente, Ophthalmology
Dr. Puente is a pediatric ophthalmologist. His clinical interests include pediatric glaucoma, strabismus, and amblyopia; and his research interests include pediatric cataracts, Down's syndrome, and LGBTQ issues in ophthalmology.
Dr. Puente Bio

Dr. Corbitt Wilkinson, Neurosurgery
Dr. Corbitt's specialized interests are Pediatric Neurosurgery, Craniosynostosis, spasticity (selective dorsal rhizotomy & baclofen pumps), moyamoya disease, congenital malformations of the brain, spinal cord, skull, and spine.
Dr. Wilkinson Bio