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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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Cincinnati, OH 45229-3026
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Medical Professionals
Adrienne Hammill,  Hematologist/Oncologist 
I am a pediatric hematologist/oncologist, and I have developed an interest and expertise in hemangiomas and vascular anomalies. These can be birthmarks or growths made up of blood vessels that formed incorrectly. I am especially interested in conditions that have associated vascular malformations in the brain, such as Sturge-Weber syndrome or hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT).  Read More

J. Michael Taylor, Neurologist
A major part of my job is to be an educator. The brain is mysterious to most people, and brain injuries are intensely frightening. If I can teach a family what is real and what they don’t need to worry about, it gets easier. I want my patients and their families to have an understanding of the disease process and what they can do to help.
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David Neal Franz, Neurologist
David Neal Franz, MD, was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. He received his undergraduate degree in history and literature from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.
After completing his training, he served as an assistant professor of neurology and pediatrics at Wright State University before returning to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Read More

Mary Sutton, Neurologist
Read More about Dr. Sutton

Thomas Cameron, Neurologist
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Ann Schwentker, Plastic Surgeon
Plastic surgery is unique because we deal with form and function, and often create lifelong doctor-patient relationships. As a pediatric plastic surgeon, I specialize in reconstructing ears. Other procedures I do include reconstructing kids' limbs after cancer or trauma, breast surgery, and nerve reconstruction in limbs and faces. I also have expertise in cleft lip and cleft palate repair. Read More 

Brian Pan, Plastic Surgeon
As a pediatric craniofacial plastic surgeon, I specialize in caring for children who are born with craniofacial differences including cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniosynostosis. Read More

Michael Yang, Ophthalmology
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Eniolami Dosunmu, Ophthalmology
A summa cum laude graduate of Kentucky State University, Eniolami Dosunmu received her medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine (OSUCOM), where she graduated, cum laude, in 2008. During her years at OSUCOM, she served on committees and received many scholarships and awards, including the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award and The Ohio State University College of Medicine Service Award, in her graduating class. She completed her internship and residency training at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota. Read More

S. Thikkurissy, Dentist 
As chief of Dentistry at Cincinnati Children’s, I specialize in the dental care of patients with special healthcare needs. My focus is on young patients with cancer, bone marrow transplant patients, and those with epidermolysis bullosa, Sturge Weber syndrome, and vascular malformations. I’m also concerned with achieving safety in procedural sedation. Read More

Meilan Rutter, Endocrinology
Meilan Rutter is board-certified in pediatric endocrinology and has been on the faculty of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati since 2008. She completed her training in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Cincinnati. She serves as the medical director of the Cincinnati Children’s Differences/Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) Center and the assistant director of the pediatric endocrinology fellowship training program. Read More

Sudhakar Vadivelu, Neurosurgeon
Sudhakar Vadivelu, DO, joined the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center after completing his fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery at Texas Children’s Hospital and neurosurgical residency at Hofstra North Shore- LIJ School of Medicine. While at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ, he acquired additional training in open cerebrovascular surgery and endovascular surgery for specialized training in the care of vascular disorders of the brain and spine. Read More

Lauren Szulczewski, Psychology 
I am a pediatric psychologist who specializes in working with patients who have cancer and blood diseases. I believe that each family brings a unique perspective to the diagnosis and treatment of a serious medical illness in their child, and I strive to partner with them to promote optimal adjustment for the patient and family. Read More

Anna Weber Byars, Neuro Psychology 
As a pediatric neuropsychologist, I provide neuropsychological evaluations for children who have epilepsy or stroke. These assessments test memory, language, motor skills, problem-solving, and other functions before and after surgery or assist in evaluating the effects of treatment. Read More

Kalyani Marathe, Dermatology 
As a pediatric dermatologist, I treat children and adolescents with a variety of skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, birthmarks, psoriasis, and epidermolysis bullosa. Many skin diseases impact not only the child but the entire family. I always keep this in mind and value being able to give parents comfort and calm in the face of uncertainty. I'm also a goofball, and I like telling "dad jokes" to make children feel more at ease. I've always loved interacting with children, and being around them fills me with positive energy.
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Haithem Elhadi Babiker, Dermatology 
As a pediatric plastic surgeon, I perform a wide variety of surgeries on children. My work ranges from simple lesions and cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to complicated facial reconstruction. I also treat pediatric obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, complex upper airway problems, and Treacher-Collins syndrome. I love working with children, shaking their hands, and making personal connections with them and their families. Children heal well, they are innocent, and it is a privilege to see the lifelong impact that I can make on their lives. Read More

Michael Gray, Ophthalmology
Read More About Dr. Gray