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If you would like to have your child's file reviewed here in the United States is an opportunity to do so. Our Clinical Care Network Nemours will review your file and see if you are a candidate to be seen by the team. Please fill out the packet below and gather the documents they are requesting. Once all is received the team at Nemours will review your file and will contact you about the next steps. 

Physical Address
1600 Rockland Road
Wilmington, DE  
(302) 651-4000


Medical Professionals
Dr. Stephen Falchek, Pediatric Neurology 

My Roman Catholic upbringing has had a profound effect on me. As chief of the neurology division, we treat a lot of children who have complicated neurological problems. I feel strongly that each child, each family, deserves my best, and the best that anyone can provide. Although I had a degree in theoretical mathematics, several members of my family were in the medical field and served as role models. I was as surprised as anyone to learn I had a talent for treating children. But that was the feedback from my mentors. It wasn’t until after I decided on pediatrics that I went into the field of neurology. And looking back, I realize both decisions were exactly right. I co-founded and serve as board chair and medical director at a chronic care facility for children in Newark, Delaware. We provide comprehensive care for children who don’t need to be in an acute care hospital but are too sick to go home. Read More

Dr. Badal Jain, Pediatric Neurology 
Fellowship: Child Neurology - Columbia University/Presbyterian Hospital, 2009; Intern/Residency Combined: Pediatrics - State University of New York - Brooklyn, 2006,  Medical/Dental School, MBBS - Topiwala National Medical College - Mumbai, 1997; Residency: Pediatrics - Grant Medical College - Sir J J Group of Hospitals, 2001; Board Certifications: American Board of Pediatrics/General Pediatrics, American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology/Epilepsy, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Read More

Dr. Terry Harrison-Goldman, Neuropsychology
Practicing since 2017. Read More

Dr. Karen Wohlheiter, Psychologist

Doctorate: Doctor of Philosophy - the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2011: Fellowship: Pediatric Psychology - Nemours/A I duPont Hospital/Division of Psychology, 2012; Internship: Psychology - Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, 2011 Read More

Patrice M. Hyde, MD, Pediatric Derm
Intern/Residency Combined: Pediatrics - Children's National Medical Center, 1983, Medical/Dental School, MD - Jefferson Medical College, 1980; Residencies: Dermatology - Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, 1995, Physical Med Rehabilitation - Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, 1984; Board Certifications: American Board of Dermatology, American Board of Pediatrics/General Pediatrics Read More

Roslyn T. Varki, MD, Pediatric
My brother had terrible eczema as a child, to the point where we would ask him if he wanted to wear shorts in the summer, and he would say “No, thanks.”' I promised myself that I would one day help kids like him. I am proud to have achieved double board certification in pediatrics and dermatology. I feel like a detective when I see a child with a new skin problem; I like to work with families to solve the mystery and figure out how to make my patient feel better. Read More

Sharon Lehman, Pediatric Ophthalmology
I became a pediatric ophthalmologist because the work combines my surgical practice and interests with a specialty that allows me to have an ongoing relationship with many of my patients. A family ophthalmologist, who diagnosed systemic diseases in some of my family members, inspired me to become a physician. That special care and compassion helped shape my life’s work. I do whatever I can to help my patients see clearly. One of my proudest professional moments was early in my career. I had performed cataract surgery on a child and after removing the bandages, I saw him look around for the first time. It took my breath away. Read More

Dorothy Hendricks, Pediatric Ophthalmology 
Fellowship: Pediatric Ophthalmology - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2008; Internship: Preliminary - State University of NY at Buffalo, 2004, Medical/Dental School MD - State University of New York at Buffalo/Med School, 2003; Residency: Ophthalmology - Temple University School of Medicine, 2007; Undergraduate (Bachelors): Bachelor of Science - Cornell University, Board Certifications: American Board of Ophthalmology Read More

Jing Jin, Pediatric Ophthalmology
Doctorate: Doctor of Philosophy - Boston University School of Medicine, 1993; Fellowship: Pediatric Ophthalmology - Duke University Medical Center, 2002; Internship: Surgery - Duke University Medical Center, 1998; Medical/Dental School: MD - West China University of Medical Sciences, 1983; Residency: Ophthalmology - Duke University Medical Center, 2001; Board Certifications: American Board of Ophthalmology Read More

Daniel Doyle, Endocrinologist
I’m a former high school teacher turned doctor. I made the move because I realized that I could make a real difference in the lives of children through medicine. Today, I treat children with a wide range of thyroid, hormone, and other endocrine disorders. I’m married, with two grown children, and I’m an avid movie fan. I taught high school for three years before going to medical school and becoming a pediatric endocrinologist. I like helping people and soon learned that the best way to accomplish that is to concentrate on each individual patient as I see them. It’s very satisfying when I can provide the correct diagnosis and treatment for the child and relief for the child’s family. I am passionate about being a parent and sharing my knowledge with students who are training to become doctors. I enjoy mentoring our residents who are interested in pursuing a career in pediatric endocrinology. Read More

Robin Nuse, Dietician
Practicing Since 2017 Read More

Dr. Rochelle Haas, Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
I am a first-generation daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and grew up in central New Jersey with two brothers – one has cerebral palsy. I’ve always been interested in science and education, and, with my mother as a role model, I am a strong advocate for diversity, disability, minorities, and other issues. I relate well with kids in general and especially those who have disabilities. As a pediatric rehabilitation physician, I like to guide children’s recovery and rehab, help patients and their families set realistic expectations, and get them through the experience with all the information they’ll need. I’m a powerful advocate for the disabled, inspired by my mother’s steadfast commitment to helping my brother succeed in his own life. I’m passionate about giving parents those same tools and educating children and families dealing with disabilities and injuries about the process of recovery. So they can be prepared. It’s important to give injured children and their families as much guidance and deep honesty as possible, so they can go through the experience knowing what to expect. This approach improves follow-through and success, and it’s also how I train residents. Read More

Jeff Campbell, Neurosurgeon
In the fourth grade, my daughter decided she wanted to be a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon (I was surprised she could even pronounce it!). My mom, her grandmother, said almost the same thing happened with me. Today, I lead the pediatric neurosurgery division at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, and I can report my instincts were right on target. In medical school, I realized that surgery was in line with my personality because it provides a chance to intervene actively. As a pediatric neurosurgeon, I get to interact with a wide variety of kids and families, which I really enjoy. I’m passionate about the power of collaboration and improving the way we approach our work with patients and families. Keeping the patient at the center, we take the best knowledge from all relevant specialties to provide the most complete care. To me, neurosurgery is a job I’m trained – and proud and humbled – to do every day. To a child and family, it’s a life-altering intervention. I keep that simple fact in mind whenever I participate in a procedure. I’m always aware that we are having a dramatic impact on a child’s life and the lives of family members. Read More

Joseph Piatt, Neurosurgeon
My goals are to employ all the resources of medical science and my own personal experience to provide intelligent care to children with neurosurgical conditions, to advance the medical science of pediatric neurosurgery, and to treat patients and families with respect. Read More