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Be Enough

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Be Enough

Knee deep in the Christmas and Hannukah season, I find myself scurrying around trying to work, bake, buy, create, and satisfy the need to not miss a beat! I’ve always been a pleaser and doer so all the rush around comes naturally all year long and especially this season when cherished memories are made. I imagine some of you can relate!

Love to find sources that uplift and motivate because with all the “doing” for others it’s a good idea (ya think!) to refill your own tank before it empties out and you resent others. One place I turn to is Dave Here’s a short lil snippet that resonated with me and I hope you too remember you are enough, do enough, and can be enough when you lean in and listen and trust yourself!

It’s often called “the hero’s journey.”

You step foot on this path the very moment you decide…no matter your challenge, you are going to stay on your feet.

No matter your age, your bank statement, your career path, your family of origin, or your current situation…everyone comes face to face with turbulent times and yet we have a choice to RISE UP.

And it may feel challenging.

Rising up… may feel overwhelming… like the last choice you would make.

We’re being pulled in too many directions by too many distractions… too many expenses by too many people.

It’s too much of everything, all the time.

As we approach the start of a new decade, it’s a great moment to come to life differently.

As Elizabeth Gilbert writes, “Stop curling yourself up so tight.

“Learn to listen.”

Will 2020 be another year of holding on for dear life?

Or will 2020 be the year when you …TRUST YOUR JOURNEY. 

I can wholeheartedly attest that rising up IS overwhelming and being tenacious and staying the course requires discipline and trust. 32.5 years of staying the course when I wanted to give up and look what we have all accomplished because we didn’t quit!!

As you look back over the last year and contemplate what you have overcome, I hope you bless yourself to be enough and focus on what amazing things you have accomplished personally and work-wise…together 2020 will be an AMAZING year and I thank you one and all!

Faith, Hope, and Love,