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Exhale and Be in the Present









The path you have been given will not be easy. It will require you to have your eyes wide open. It will need you to be nimble and adapt to change. This path will cause you to needlessly worry when you stumble or maybe even fall. Your heart and desire WILL be tested.

Exhale. Be present.  Enjoy the view!

The beauty that surrounds you is like no other. Cherish the easy and rugged parts of your path for each one enriches the moment. They leave a lasting imprint on your heart and inspire those around you. You are one of life’s greatest guides.

Know that with every step forward AND step backwards you ARE making strides that leave a lasting impact on you and those who travel with you. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and to revel in every success and celebration no matter how small. Your path is not the way of the masses. It requires courage, faith, hope and love.

I believe you have it in you to illuminate your way by sharing your joy and pain with those you meet along the way. There will be people with wisdom who have walked the same path and saw different sites than you or have equally vulnerable knowledge to share. Embrace each viewpoint and gather each spark they ignite and make your life a shining example of what tenacity in the face of adversity can do!

You are strong. You are wise. You matter. You are beautifully made. There is only one you and I believe you will overcome and prevail. You will in no time reach the final destination and look back and say to yourself…I forged ahead and never stayed down. I had amazing guides and I reached back and gave a spark of hope to those behind me…that was enough. Rest and be in peace!

In loving memory of Chad Layman and Paul Siegel