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Give More Than You Get!

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Give More Than You Get

I was always raised to ‘give more than I got”. The recent world events with the coronavirus and online unfiltered comments and disagreements have me reflecting on how my personal worldview o(f “can do soldier on through” and having a servant’s heart and just how far one should and would go to “serve”) is appropriate or appreciated and how that personal worldview impacts SWF.

It seems in today’s climate that if one expresses one’s opinion and it is even slightly different from one who has another opinion that old-fashioned moment of “agreeing to disagree” rarely occurs. Trust me I AM mindful of my role as an organizational leader and only a handful of people know how many times they have saved me from hitting the send button when I REALLY wanted to do it!  I don’t get the luxury of being able to go online and post my 2 cents on the current political climate for many reasons: we need both sides of the aisle to help our loved ones and my personal opinion in my role as CEO doesn’t matter…it should always be about what’s best for you and yours.

As the pandemic lingers on, it’s sad to hear the “Great Divide” still exists on policy and procedures and funding, etc. Real people, real lives, real sickness, and heartache. I hope just as we did after 9-1-1 the nation will come together. We are seeing signs of people coming together in our lil community. We are seeing so many wonderful acts of kindness…offers to pick up groceries for the elderly, free book exchanges, and neighbors helping neighbors. I lived in New Jersey during 911 and was on SWF business in Washington, DC unable to return home for 18 hours after flights and trains were canceled. I remember FINALLY driving home from the train station and seeing the towers burning off to my right. I knew my worldview would never be the same . . . literally and figuratively. For many years after, the spirit of a united nation prevailed.

This time is another defining moment in history. We will all recall when we were told to stay in our homes or knew someone who got the virus. Your school, church, salon, and favorite restaurant were no longer accessible. Your world was upended! This too shall pass and I hope and pray just like after 911 we can stay united on what matters most…family and health…ALL our families and health not just yours or mine. United we stand, divided we fall.

Give more than you get! I know we will never take for granted again the value of toilet paper or the look in the eyes of hoarders. Give more than you get! The grocery store aisles are empty. Give more than you get! The gratefulness of those we help when we share what we have. I know for us huggers out there this is tough too. The SWF will be hosting Ring Central call-in lines to keep our SWF family and yours connected. I look forward to chatting with you while we are learning with one another. Hang in there and give more than you get!

Faith, Hope, and Love!