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The Right Direction

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Just Point Me in the Right Direction

Just Point Me in The Right Direction!

Many times throughout life I’ve used that phrase! I’m also told that phrase even more so now I’m getting more years under my belt. 

What do you do when you feel you are off course?  Do you rely on your parents or family? Co-workers or friends? In turbulent times, we must come together to stay on course at whatever we are trying to accomplish in life. It’s easy to get distracted, tired and frustrated especially when dealing with Sturge-Weber and all the unknowns. 

I’ve been very blessed to have my daddy ole M.O.O. (Mighty Omnipotent One) keeping me on course and motivated for 63 of his 91 years. He was a Boy Scout when they still used a compass to get their bearings! When you’re out in the wilderness, a compass is a must to get you where you are going or if you need to backtrack. Today of course we have a variety of options and aren’t we lucky to have them?

He is pointing North in this picture while holding his compass. Why North? My family roots are in Montana and for generations, all the direction I ever needed in life came from the North. The photo reminds me to cherish the wisdom of those around me and to share the wisdom I’ve gained with other people too. It doesn’t mean I know all the answers to your questions but I sure can point you in the right direction! The Sturge-Weber Foundation has built a vast reservoir of knowledge throughout the years with our Clinical Care Network and a global network of people who have walked the walk and can talk the talk when you need direction or hope.

Speaking of direction and walking the walk…I’m so excited for what’s ahead! Get your compasses or phone navigation devices ready to go in the right direction. Together we are going to continue to make great strides and keep the momentum going! Be well and hope to see you again for the next Educational Summit or Game Night. Be ready though the Rasmussens are a tough team to beat ;)


Faith, Hope, and Love,