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Good News in the Time of Corona

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Good News in the Time of Corona

Spring is in the air and the masks are coming off! Well in some parts of the country they are coming off and we send best wishes to you and yours as we return to a more “normal” lifestyle. Every time you turn on the news, for months now, it’s been doom and gloom and dire "hold your breath" reports! Today, I have good news and heartfelt thanks!

In 2008 when the stock market crashed, the SWF saw a huge decrease in donations which forced us to take drastic measures to meet your continuing needs for service and support. The SWF very dedicated staff all willingly took a 40% pay cut for the year and we rebounded. Ever since that time, I have vowed to never let that happen again! We have been frugal in limiting expenses and overall fiscal management which enabled us to rebuild our reserves. We remind you that tough times don’t last but tough people do!

I am happy to report thanks to that careful fiscal management and for your generosity and ongoing fundraising and donations (which we hope you will continue to do ;) the Sturge-Weber Foundation did not have to rely on Payroll Protection stimulus funds to maintain programs and awareness activities. I am pleased we did not have to participate in increasing the national debt and passing it on to the next generation. I am proud of Jim Gilbert, Brian Fisher, and Steve Peltier for their guidance and commitment. I am inspired by the work we do and will continue to do for all those impacted by SWS and birthmarks.

It is my belief that together we can and will weather any storms we face in life whether they are medical, emotional, or financial in nature. Thank you for all you do to uplift sagging spirits, cheer on new milestones, and inspire others by sharing your story. Each one of you is courageous warrior that know how to exhale and carry on to the next battle to be faced with honor and fortitude. I am blessed to know you and share in your lives! 

Faith, Hope, and Love!