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Let Your Light Shine

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Let Your Little Light Shine

Let Your Little Light Shine

“Those who need the brightest light to shine upon them have the deepest and darkest hurts to heal”

Well, we celebrated Kaelin’s 34th birthday this month. Hard to believe and as usual every year leading up to her birthday the memories fly! The Huston family celebrated a milestone year this year too. One of my greatest joys is having been blessed to watch all my lil warriors and their warrior mamas navigate life with SWS! The interplay over the years of mama (and yes daddies…won’t leave you out ;) taking the lead and then letting their babies stand up for themselves is as old as time. The growing pains are real for both parents and children. Somehow we all survive!

There have been thousands of families I’ve met since I started SWF in 1987. It’s been an honor to interact with y’all over the years. I was walking the dog in our first snowstorm of the season this week and reflecting on my blessings when the saying above floated through my mind. Since I’m bashful by nature, I’ve never really liked to have the spotlight on me. I enjoy being in the middle of things and am happy to let others take the limelight. I got to thinking as I kicked up the snow about all the people I’ve met through school, Up With People and the SWF. There were those I was drawn to for their humble servant hearts and those who made life more fun because they could suck up the limelight and live in WAHOO! Both are needed and enjoyed.

Have you ever met or do you know someone who comes across as braggadocio or blowhard? I used to think they were selfish and didn’t really respect them. I’m growing up I guess…lol all it took was 62 years! Seriously, now I realize they need the attention and light because their hurts run deep. Giving our children a sense of self and uniqueness is a HUGE gift and guiding them to give and receive light is too! Some parents with special needs kids have to be super on top of it all I got this type of parent for their own ego and many of them usually learn as the years go on that they are ok…not about them but the child. I admit I had a few years like that myself. My hurt was so deep I needed the world to see that I was a “normal” and “perfect” mom and that I could measure up to society's expectations of what acceptable and perfect parenting should be.

Then, you settle in, and life rolls along, and joy bubbles up from within and shines outward. That’s the best kind of light…can you hear it “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” lol Alright, my point is as you must know when we let our light shine from within and add it to the thousands of other light beams out there we heal hurts and uplift hearts. Let’s all strive as we wind down this horrendous year to remember as warriors on the frontlines take life as it comes, forgive, and spread joy! Every day get up, show up, and give it all up! 

With love, faith, and hope,