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Sponsor: accessiBe

Who We Are

Meet Our Sponsor: AccessiBe

What is accessiBe?

AccessiBe is the market leader in web accessibility and is on a mission to make the internet an accessible and inclusive space for everyone. By providing an ecosystem of solutions, accessiBe helps organizations of any size be more inclusive.

How did Claremont Music get involved?
AccessiBe partners with disability-focused organizations around the world to further educate about the communities they serve and offer them accessibility tools. Sheldon Lewis, a Partnership Manager got in touch with Claremont Music School because he was interested in how teaching music is adapted for the blind and other disabilities.


How does technology make websites accessible?
Sheldon is blind and uses assistive technology for his computer called a screen reader. A screen reader reads out loud what is on the screen, including specific fields and images. It can be frustrating to not understand what is happening on the screen, and this is the reality for many people with disabilities who experience difficulties with websites that were not built with accessibility or people with disabilities in mind. accessiBe’s AI-powered solutions help the user navigate websites with confidence and independence.


Why is web accessibility important?
Inclusion feels good for everyone, and that is important on the web too. Exclusion doesn’t work, it keeps people away from doing what they might want to be doing or contributing to their families or society. If we can be more inclusive, everyone can participate in society in a meaningful way.

A huge thank you to Sheldon and accessiBe for providing this software for free to Claremont Music School, and other disability-focused non-profits exemplifying accessiBe’s collaboration and support of disabled communities. If you’re a business owner and/or would like to enhance accessibility for a website you work with, we encourage you to take a look at their amazing products, helping to make the internet a more inclusive place for everyone.