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Sweets for the Sweet

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Sweets for the Sweet

Valentine’s Day…never really been a fan of it because we should be showing love ALL year round not just on one day that the marketing industry tells us to! ;)

But alas, I do participate and recently the ritual of all the hearts, flowers, and chocolate around the day made me think of you and yours. So first off, Happy Valentine’s Day! Y’all are cherished partners with me and the SWF every day of the year. We continually strive to find unique ways to let you know how much your time, talents, and treasure mean to not only our mission but to all those we are honored to serve.

Each one of us brings unique talents to this war we are waging on Sturge-Weber and birthmark-related conditions. Valentine’s Day requires us to think about the recipient…do they want chocolate? Flowers? A card? The same is true of each of you that we do our best to tailor fit and support because we each have unique needs to be met medically or in quality of life issues, access to care, a shoulder to lend, or a shoulder in need of a good cry! 

Facebook and the online communication tools out there are a good first start in the outreach of loving support and direction. That old-fashioned thing called a telephone though I still believe is the best form of communication if you can’t be face to face. There is just something about it that generates a stronger bond than text or type ever can. The catch in one’s voice as we share our troubles and the confidence imbued when another hurdle has been made.

I encourage each of you to maybe take a courageous step and CALL first instead of the arm's distance of the internet. A WEALTH of wisdom, wit, and cherished friendship awaits! As an old commercial used to say, “We’ll leave the lights on!” and look forward to visiting with you. ;)

Faith, Hope, and Love!