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The Mirror and the Mountain

Who We Are

The Mirror and the Mountain

Such an everyday activity. Get up in the morning and look in the mirror. Brush your teeth at night and look in the mirror. I was doing my due diligence in the dental department the other day and making my dentist happy when it occurred to me that we all look in the mirror and decide that day what face we will put on for the world before we walk out the door. We literally and figuratively make choices based on that final look in the mirror which impacts us and those around us. The "I feel confident", or "Eh, not so much" self-talk, the fatigue of the day before and a plethora of other emotions show up on our faces! 

I’ve had the great pleasure and honor to meet many inspiring people since I started the SWF journey. Many have faced cancer and won and sadly some still are waging war on it. The kids and adults with SWS that I hear from every day make the victim or victor choice after looking in that mirror all the time. I just love each of you and the older I get, the more I marvel at the uniqueness in all of us! That mirror doesn’t own you or me. It can’t say yea or nay to a good day. Nope. Not having it. We all have the ability to make the choice to be an uplifter or doggie downer. There’s nothing better than seeing a smile illuminate another person’s face after you compliment them or make them laugh . . . soul food I call it! I encourage you to affirm your worth every chance you get - excitement, joy, and peace are contagious!

Now, for the Mountain! I look at them every day and never cease to be amazed at their grandeur. So many factors over the ages occurred to keep the mountains solid yet ever-changing. I like to think of each of us like my favorite Mount Princeton (Mt. P) peak. Mt. P starts its day with the early dawn sun slowly shining on it from the east and continues with a panoply of blue sky, clinging clouds, or snowflakes flying throughout the day. Mt P ends the day with a glorious crown of setting sunrays descending behind her peak. We face our life or challenges in our life with a solid foundation and adjust to the changes thrown at us as a victim or a victor depending on the day, event, or year. 

I encourage each of you to look in that mirror, put your game face on, and tackle your own mountain one foot in front of the other. You WILL make it to the summit. You WILL be rewarded for your effort. You WILL find a peace you thought you would never attain in your darkest days. You WILL leave a legacy for all who have the joy of being around you! The SWF is entering our season of ongoing gratitude and we look forward to sharing our bounty with you and you with us. Hope you have a fun-filled and beautiful Fall season!

Faith, Hope, and Love,