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They Said

They Said: You’ve got your hands full with a sick baby you can’t start an organization (1987 $0 --2019 $813,000)

They Said: You’re working and raising a handicapped child you shouldn’t add a fundraiser to your plate too. (Pennsylvania proud for 25 years)

They Said: Stick with softball it’s what you know but a Gala was born (Houston Proud)

They Said: You’re too rare for corporate pharma to support you (Reunion of Champions Lead On)

They Said: You started with a cookbook and moved on to a Road race just don’t tackle too much. ($1,000,000 total raised in 10 years)

They Said: You’ll never find the gene that causes SWS because it’s not inherited. (GNAQ gene mutation - 2013)

They Said: This new generation of millennials needs a medal (Indiana, Illinois, Texas, California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, to name a few-  Warriors Deliver)

They Said: There’s a lot of competition out there for researchers to find a cure (Zebrafish makes a splash - 2019)

WE SAID: Believe…and we WILL make an impact!

We’ve all heard the phrase used often enough. It’s as if the person making the pronouncement just by the shear fact they are stating it makes whatever they are commenting on a truth or a done deal! Really…come on. I’ve always been one who, when I hear that phrase, immediately revert to “well watch this!” unless of course it’s from an admired source who is your own personal cheerleader and “They Said: You can do whatever you set your mind to!”

I’m happy to report I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by others of the same mindset! Which in turn means you are fortunate too because without them the SWF would not have made all the strides we have since 1987.

The 2018-19 annual report will soon be out and please take a moment to peruse it. Lots of exciting events and programs have exploded and it will highlight what’s ahead.

Thank YOU for doing your part in your corner of the world to make an impact!