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2024 Month of Awareness

Month Of Awareness Theme

Why 'Pass the Torch'?

The Olympic torch symbolizes honor for warriors worldwide and represents unity and pride for your country. Let's clarify its significance.

Pass the Torch was chosen as our theme for SWS Month of Awareness as a symbol of passing on knowledge and leadership to inspire others. The image of a torch represents the idea of shining a light for others to follow and empowering them to create positive change.

Since the early days, when The Sturge-Weber Foundation was operating from Karen's basement, we have been incredibly fortunate to have amazing supporters who have tirelessly advocated for our mission to fund research, assist families, and spread awareness about this rare condition. With every supporter, another has stepped up to continue the momentum, effectively passing the torch.

We've selected some amazing SWF Champions to Pass The Torch for SWF and pave the way for the next generation with their inspiring stories of dedication, perseverance, and overcoming challenges. A million miles are paved with our stories.

Each has a unique and powerful journey to share, and we can't wait for you to hear their wisdom and insight. The ultimate goal during SWF Month of Awareness and beyond is to raise awareness of SWS, KT, and PWB and raise money for continuing initiatives. It all starts on May 1, 2024, and will continue for more than a month until July 13, 2024.

Warriors, we need your help to make the SWF Olympics a gold place success!

  • We're starting in Louisiana, where Camyrn, Miss Slidell Teen, and her sister, Carley will kick things off as our first SWF Olympic Torchbearer. She will share why she supports The SWF on social media and a call for donations.
  • We will ask Louisiana Families to show your support by donating to her page and spreading the word on social media to get even more people involved.
  • Once Camyrn ‘passes the torch’ to the next state, we'll ask families there to do the same.
  • Be sure to follow our social media pages and cheer on your state's torchbearer.

The final torch will be delivered to Philidelphia, PA, at the July SWF Int’l Family Conference! Seriously, you want to be there!

Get ready to be inspired and motivated by these incredible individuals who have made a difference in the SWF community, no matter your challenges!

Together, we can make this torch-bearing journey a triumph for the SWF.

We are truly grateful for our community's ongoing support and dedication and are inspired by the impact we have made together. We hope that you will choose to be a part of our journey and help us make a difference.

Will you pass the torch?

Learn How To Film Your Own Awareness Message: