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National Bullying Prevention Month

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Bullying Prevention

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Did you know that 1 out of 5 students  (20.2%) will be bullied in their lifetime?  
One is too many.
Bullying not only affects the victim, it affects the family, friends, even the bully, negatively.

This month, the Sturge-Weber Foundation is recognizing National Bullying Prevention Month.
Join us in bringing bullying to a stop in the classrooms, playgrounds and cyberspace.

CONNECT and be aware of your child’s friends and surroundings
ACCEPT the challenge to speak up if bullying occurs
RESPECT everyone. 
ENGAGE by being that positive influence on your children and others

Did you know:

  • Males are 6% more likely to be physically bullied
  • 41% of bullying increases or recurs after a single report is made
  • 13% are made fun of by name calling
  • 13% are subjected to rumors
  • 5% are physically pushed or harmed
  • 5% are excluded from activities
  • 43% of bullying occurs in the classroom
  • 42% occurs in school cafeterias
  • 27% occurs outside of school
  • 22% occurs online or through texting (cyberbullying)
  • 15% occurs in restrooms or locker rooms
  • 12% occurs on school buses
  • Anti-bullying programs decrease bullying by 25%
  • 12-18 year old students receive the worst bullying
  • Special needs students were told "not to tattle" twice as much as other students
  • Victims AND Bullies are two times more likely to experience mental and behavioral issues throughout their life
  • Self blame is very common for victims of bullying
  • 2.2% of victims are likely to idealize suicide
  • 2.6% of victims are likely to attempt suicide
  • Reasons for bullying (greatest being number 1): 1.) Physical Differences 2.) Ethnicity 3.) Gender 4.) Disability 5.) Religion

Below are links to various sites with additional information on Bullying Prevention.